DEBBIE TUCH [1996, Jewelry & Metalsmithing]

Based in Brooklyn, NY

As a food jewelry pioneer, Debbie Tuch has designed and cultivated a world of jewelry that showcases the beauty in many of our favorite foods. Since 1996, starting with a lime and some glittery resin, she has grown, glittering countless local and international finds.

Following her BFA in Jewelry and Metals, Debbie created Glitterlimes, a jewelry line made from fresh slices of real fruits, candy and snacks from around the world. All the food is preserved then filled or coated with glitter resin. After 16 years in California, her studio is now in Brooklyn, New York. Her first year in New York, Debbie designed and decorated the legendary Christmas Tree in Lincoln Square, appointed by the American Folk Art Museum. The next winter brought her glitters to Barney’s for Lady Gaga’s Workshop. There are new items added to the line each year. Every piece is sealed with a self-made glitter resin. Tuch fully preserves the natural structure of the fruit, then adds an exciting glow to both decorate and reinforce it.


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